Saturday, 4 October 2014

What Makes Animation Apprentice Different?

Welcome to Animation Apprentice
Nowadays there are lots of places where you can learn animation, both online and in the classroom. So what is it that makes Animation Apprentice unique among animation schools? The answer is - it's all about the way our course is structured, and the personal feedback you get. We don't just give you general notes on how to fix your shot and make it better - we fix it for you. It's like taking your car to a mechanic and getting it back mended, with a video showing you how it was done, so that next time around you can do it yourself, getting better and better all the time.

What else makes us special? Here are some things that we think make us unique, and the best place to learn the craft of animation online:
  • Almost 200 training videos. We don't just give you a general push in the right direction - we show you how, step by step, to complete each exercise. You get proper, clear instruction in how to animate.
  • Bespoke feedback. We don't just give general criticism on a shot, or draw lines on the screen to show you how you might make it better. We go one step further and actually open up your shot for you, showing you step by step how to make it better. To see a sample feedback video, follow this link.
  • We fix your shot for you. Every week you get a high resolution video, around 20 minutes long, that shows you exactly how to improve your work. It's like going to a mechanic and having them not just fix your car, but show you step by step how, next time, you can fix it yourself.
  • Learn in your own time. You can download the video feedback when you like, and watch it in your own time, fixing your own shot as you go along. The whole point of online study is it is a flexible tool - we are not rigid like a traditional classroom.
  • No random tutors. You get bespoke feedback from veteran animator Alex Williams, an artist with 20 years experience in the classroom and 25 years of working at leading industry studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Blue Sky, Cinesite and MPC.
  • Paid experience on live briefs. We offer our students the chance to work on small commercial projects for real clients, which pay real money. The pay is modest, but the experience is unique and there is nothing like working on a live brief to find out what working as an animator is really like. Our projects are run through our film co-operative, Nano Films.

To sign up for our November classroom at Animation Apprentice, follow this link. For more information on finding work and surviving in the animation and visual effects business, read our post on how to find a job in the animation industry, and check out our post about what not to do at a job interview. Also see our post on starting your own small animation business, learn how to create an invoice, and see how we are helping our students find work through our film co-operative Nano Films.  Download the free Escape Studios Careers in VFX Handbook. Take a look at how can help you find a job, and read our piece about how to survive as a freelance animator. Also, find out what Cinesite look for in a student's demo reel, and read our post on setting up your own animation business. Also see our post about freelancers and taxesIf you have questions about our course, email us at

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