Friday, 26 September 2014

UK Creative Industries are "Worth £71.4 Billion per Year"

Creative industries are worth £71 billion a year
UK Creative industries are "worth £71.4 billion per year", according to the UK's Business Secretary Vince Cable. In an article in Wired news today, the British Government announced a big new investment in a NextGen Skills Academy to help close the skills gap in creative industries in the UK.  The story was also covered by the BBC.

Vince Cable. Photo: Wikipedia
Cable also added that "visual effects and games in particular are a great British success story. But if we're to maintain our cutting-edge position, we need to make sure that we have the talent and skills the industry needs."

The creative industries are expanding fast. According to a a report from Ukie and the innovation charity Nesta, there are currently some 1,900 games businesses in the UK - an astonishing number.

Ed Vaizey. Photo: Wikipedia
Arts minister Ed Vaizey described the creative sector as "a powerhouse within the UK economy" but said employers often found it hard to recruit staff who were up-to-speed with the latest technologies.

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