Monday, 11 August 2014

Animation Number One at UK Box Office

According to a piece in yesterday's Telegraph, animated films are now the UK's favourite, taking in as much of a fifth of all box office revenues. In 2013 animation became the top-grossing film genre at UK cinemas, making almost £250million, a fifth of total box office takings. This is good news for animators, and good news for us at Animation Apprentice. After all, we're aiming to be the best place in the world to learn animation, training our students to be the very best at this rapidly growing and flourishing medium.

Gravity - live action or animation?
The news gets better if you include the visual effects industry as well as animation. Was Gravity, for example, a live action or an animated film? Sure, it had Sandra Bullock in it, but almost every shot in that film was digitally generated. Without animation and visual effects, there would have been no movie.

The movie business overall is flat; box office revenues have not grown significantly in a decade or more. But our end of the business continues to thrive, as audiences continue to pay to see big, spectacular effects-filled and family-friendly movies.

So come and join the digital revolution and learn to be an animator!


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