Thursday, 12 June 2014

How Do Our Feedback Videos Work?

What makes Animation Apprentice unique? The answer is this: the high quality and precision of our bespoke video feedback. Below is an example of a feedback video recorded for one of our students, using Camtasia, which gives a flavour of how our course works. We don't just tell you what to fix - we show you how to fix it.

Just one thing though - this sample video is at a much lower resolution than the ones you will get on the course. Our real feedback videos are very large files (around 200MB), much higher resolution and clearer than anything we can stream online. Once you're on the course, we send these to you directly via ftp.

Sample Feedback Video

The key thing about our feedback is that we fix your shot, recording every click as we do it. You can play the video back and make the fixes in real time. It's like taking your car to a mechanic and having the mechanic not just fix your car, but record a video of how he did it - so that next time you can fix it yourself.

What makes it work best of all is the amount of time that each student gets, focused purely on their own work. This is something that is almost impossible to achieve in classroom. Even the most gifted and dynamic teacher will struggle to tend to the personal needs of individual students in a classroom - there just isn't the time.

Here at Animation Apprentice we think that this kind of personal feedback is the future of education - and gets the best results.


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