Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Oliver Canovas Animator on "Hat Shop"

Oliver Canovas is one of our student animators at Animation Apprentice; he graduated with honours in 2019, having been awarded his MA in 3D Animation.

Oliver recently collaborated with a student film project at Escape Studios, working on the short film "Hat Shop", written and directed by MA student Stevie Stedman.

"Hat Shop" is a short story set in a futuristic robotic world, and was completed entirely under Lockdown, working remotely from home. "Hat Shop" is currently being entered into film festivals.

Oliver did some excellent animation on the film, gaining useful experience on working on group projects, to a defined brief, taking direction and notes, and making changes to his shots. Most studio work is collaborative, so group projects of this kind are important in developing "soft skills" and teamwork.

Group Project Work
Having the opportunity to work on group projects is an important part of the development of any animation artist.  Oliver described the experience as being "excellent; it was a great team with bundles of enthusiasm. There was also great communication, even under lock-down."

Still image from "Hat Shop"
"Hat Shop" was animated in Maya, rendered in Unreal Engine, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

"Hat Shop" was completed entirely from home, under Lockdown. Our students had to learn how to collaborate remotely, animating and rendering their shots, relying entirely on their own home resources.

Hat Shop at the Rookies and at the IMDB
You can find "Hat Shop" at The Rookies here, and at the IMDB here.

Hat Shop in Film Festivals
Hat Shop has been selected for the Zeitimpuls Film Festival in Austria on June 22-27.

Oliver Canovas at IMDB
You can see Oliver Canovas here at the IMDB.

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