Wednesday, 14 November 2018

"Indominus Rex" Dinosaur Rig by Truong

Indominus Rex by Truong
We're liking this "Indominus Rex" Maya Rig made by Truong, free to download and use for non-commercial animation.

The IRex is fan art, based on the character from Jurassic World, a genetically engineered monster hybrid between the T Rex and the raptors. Because of this, the copyright in the rig vests in the Jurassic World creators; hence the need to use a rig like this for learning purposes only.

Like all of Troung's rigs, the IRex is very well modelled and rigged, and for the most part sufficiently light to give you at least a close approximation of real-time playback in your viewport.

Above is some excellent animation using the Indominus Rex rig, animated by Animation Apprentice graduate Lee Caller.

Settings - Important!
Setting up your shot, make sure you find the little blue cross on the side of the rig; it's the FK/IK Spine switcher. Under FKIKBlend, set this channel to 10. This will enable you to animate the up and down motion on the hips and chest more easily.

Facial Controls
The IRex has quite sophisticated facial controls, so you can animated expressions and even lipsync. Make sure you turn on NURBS surfaces under the Show tab in your Maya Viewport, as this will allow you to select a number of useful extra controls, such as the cheek and breath control, which will help to sculpt the face.

Maya Software
The IRex will run on Maya 2014 or later versions.

Problems downloading the rig?
Gumroad is blocked in some countries. If you cannot download the rig, watch this video for technical workarounds:

The textures are very heavy - more than 1GB in size. It might be possible to reduce the size of the texture files without damaging the quality of the final render.

The IRex is rigged using the Advanced Skeleton rigging system.

Lighting and Rendering reference this file into your animation scene and render. The lighting was set up in Mental Ray so might need reconfiguration for Arnold. Use Render_cam for the best results.

Remember to turn "visibility" on for the "lens" layer before rendering, for a better eyes render.

Video: How to Render Truong Rigs

Issues and bugs
If you have any rig issues or further questions/ requests, you can contact Truong at his Facebook page:
or email him at: or

More work by Truong

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