Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Pixar Colour Scripts

Finding Nemo Colour Script.
Colour Scripts are an important part of the animation process; they allow the director to get a feel for what the movie will look like, long before the animation and lighting is complete.

Sequence by sequence, and even shot by shot, colour stylists (i.e. painters) plan the mood and look of the film as part of the pre-production process.

To see the master designers at Pixar at work, follow this link to view the actual colour scripts used on hits like Finding Nemo.

Of course, animators rarely dig deep into the initial look development of a project, and don't usually get called upon to do colour work like this. But for animators working on their own short film projects (and isn't that most of us?) an understanding of colour theory, and how to achieve an attractive colour palette, is essential.

And, as so often in our industry, Pixar leads the way.

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