Monday, 22 February 2016

Cogswell College Release New Free Rigs For Student Use

Cogswell College have released more free rigs for student use!  Following on from the free dragon rig, they have just released two human bipeds - male and female - and it looks like they have others planned.

We've not had a chance to road-test them yet, but they look pretty sweet.

We're encouraging our students to test them out - and see what kind of performances they can get from these new Maya rigs.

What is this all about?
Digital Art & Animation students from Cogswell College in the project course "Project Avatarah" have released a second batch of 3D animatable rigs -- two original human characters.

What are these new rigs?
The new 3D character rigs are bipeds—a male and a female named “Henry” and “Caroline” -- named after the founder of Cogswell College, Dr. Henry Cogswell, and his wife, Caroline.  Simplicity was
the main driving factor in the design of these new characters, as well as the rig.

What features do the rigs have?
Cogswell students wanted these new rigs to have a simple control scheme to make the characters accessible to different skill levels, while also offering details as well as a wide range of motion. These rigs are meant to be used in subtle animations, with extreme actions and locomotive cycles.

Meet Henry and Caroline
“Henry” and “Caroline” have full facial rigs, and detailed control for clothing and secondary motion. They are also designed to be simple and easy to use.

They also have features such as IK/FK switching for limbs and the spine, the ability to change the parent of controls mid-animation using space-switching, and rotation orders set up in a way to reduce gimbal locks.

Where can the rigs be found?
To download these 3D rigs, visit:

Is there tech support?
There is. For “Avatarah” support, requests and comments,

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