Monday, 21 September 2015

The Max Rig - and How to Use It

Max is a free animation rig, created for student use by Peter Starostin and James Hunt. It's a good, stable rig, very well tested, and one that we recommend for use at Animation Apprentice. It's also on the list of approved rigs at The Eleven Second Club.

However it does have a few quirks. Below are some of the known issues and bugs - and how to solve them.

Max Rig Notes:

No World Control
Max has no world control. To move Max around in the shot, go to Window/Outliner. Now select the Max Group in the outliner, and press W on your keyboard to move the whole rig into position in your shot.

Facial Controls
To turn off the facial controls, go to the Layer and editor and turn off the visibility under the facialWin layer.

IK/FK switcher
To change his IK/FK settings, select the Root control (that’s the rectangle around his waist) and look in the Channel Box.

If anyone has anything they would like to add to these notes, do contact us or add comments below.

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