Friday, 4 September 2020

Copyright Law for Artists & Animators

One common area of confusion for artists, including animators, is copyright law. What does copyright mean? How does it come about? What do terms like "public domain" mean? Many of these terms are commonly misunderstood, and copyright law forms part of a complex system of global laws which vary from one country to another. Fortunately, the basics of copyright law are easy to understand. Watch the short video about for a basic introduction to copyright law, and how it works for animators.

Copyright law
Copyright law matters because the ownership of successful characters can be financially rewarding, and therefore contentious. If you have a character you've created, and plan on bringing it to market as a cartoon, comic or film, you need to think about copyright law.  Here at Animation Apprentice our animators aren't just technicians, they are also creating new and original characters - and these characters may one day have value. Possibly, a lot of value.

Introduction Only
The video above is an introduction to Copyright Law. It is not the last word on the subject and, if you need proper advice on a copyright issue of importance, you should of course seek legal advice from a copyright law professional.

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