Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Business as Usual at Animation Apprentice

What - us worry?
Covid-19 may be causing a good deal of bother around the globe, but fortunately for us and our students, Animation Apprentice is a digital online school, with no bricks and mortar facilities to worry about.

For now at least, it's business as usual. Our students continue to work from home, and we will continue to send feedback and support our students in our online classrooms.

The advantages of learning online
One of the challenges of working in a traditional school or university is shared keyboards, shared lifts, shared coffee machines - all kinds of ways to share germs.

Working from home, by contrast, offers a much safer working environment. As traditional schools and universities play catchup, we're able to teach all of our students without difficulty. Unless the global internet goes down, we're in good shape.

Here at Animation Apprentice we hope all our students, friends and colleagues are doing well, and finding their own way to manage the situation. Experience from China suggests that some level of isolation and very high levels of hygiene are, for now at least, the best solution.

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