Friday, 14 February 2020

Claire and Holly Williams Tribute at the Annies

The Annie Awards are an annual ceremony, best described as the "Oscars" for animation. This year the awards ceremony was dedicated to my father Richard Williams, who died in August 2019.  My sisters Holly and Claire were invited to the ceremony to introduce the event, and opened the awards by sharing a few selected memories of his life.  Neither of them spoke for long, but the stories they told are very personal and touching. You can see the full seven minute clip above.

Claire and Holly with family and friends at the Annies
Annie Awards
The Annie Awards are an annual ceremony, with awards presented to individual artists by the Los Angeles branch of the International Animated Film AssociationASIFA-Hollywood. The awards recognise excellence in animation in film and television.

Holly and Claire
Both of my sisters live in Los Angeles and work in the animation industry. Holly is a background painter and colour stylist whose work includes Adventure Time - and many other TV shows. Claire is also a colour stylist; she has worked on many films including Kung Fu Panda and The Prince of Egypt.  I'm very proud of them both - they both did great. 

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