Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Kevin Hudson Presents "Weeds" on 2 July

"Weeds" by Kevin Hudson
Kevin Hudson, asset artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios, is visiting London on July 2nd at 4.30pm to talk about his multi-award-winning short film "Weeds" 

“Weeds” is the story of a dandelion, rooted on the wrong side of the driveway in a barren yard surrounded by dry dirt and dead grass.

Just across the concrete lies another yard, where the sprinklers spray water endlessly, and the greener grass holds the promise of a better life. While watching helplessly as its fellow weeds wither away and die, the dandelion faces a decision: take action - or suffer the same fate.

Kevin Hudson
Kevin's presentation is titled "Creating an Award-Winning Animated Short Film in Your Friends' Personal Time".

Escape Studios
The event takes place at Escape Studios in London, and will be a great opportunity to find out how short films get made, and in particular what the challenges are to bringing them to fruition. It's also a chance to meet a Disney animation artist - so bring your questions and find out how the industry really works.

Where & When
When: Monday 2 July 2018 4.30 – 7.30pm
Where: Escape Studios, Pearson College London, 190 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BH

Official site
You can check out "Weeds" and learn more about the film at

Signing Up
To sign up for this free event, follow this link.

And to see the teaser for "Weeds", watch the short video below:

WEEDS - Official Trailer from Kevin Hudson on Vimeo.

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