Monday, 11 September 2017

Animation Apprentice Masterclass at VIEW 2017

Animation Apprentice is hosting a creature animation masterclass at VIEW, the 18th International VFX & Computer Graphics Conference.

VIEW takes place every year in the beautiful Italian town of Torino (Turin), and we'll be there running a one-day masterclass in Maya on 25th October, demonstrating some cool creature animation techniques.

The class is aimed at complete beginners and requires no prior experience with Maya.
Palace in Turin

What's this animation class all about?
This one-day taster course gives you get an introduction to the art of 3D Animation. You will also explore what it’s like to work as a professional animator. We'll take you through the animation process from start to finish, ending up with a finished movie file.

What is VIEW?
VIEW is the large international festival for animation, VFX, and computer graphics. It takes place in October every year, and the folks who organise the festival get great speakers - especially from the big US studios.

What kind of animation does Animation Apprentice teach?
We teach 3D character and creature animation, with a strong focus on getting our students into paid employment in the rapidly expanding animation industry.

When and where is it happening?
Wednesday October 25 at the VIEW Conference in Turin.  To sign up, follow this link.

How much does it cost?
110 Euros.

What will you learn?
Working with Autodesk Maya, you’ll get a hands-on introduction to 3D Animation techniques.  We'll be doing some very cool stuff in the classroom, and by the end of the day you will have your very own piece of finished animation uploaded to YouTube!

How do you book?
Follow this link.

Hope to see you there!


To find out more about Animation Apprentice, click here for a link to Frequently Asked Questions. To sign up for our next classroom at Animation Apprentice, follow this link


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