Monday, 22 May 2017

Free Rigs from Mothman TD

Here at Animation Apprentice we're pleased to recommend the superb Mothman TD website, packed with excellent free rigs for use by Maya animators.

Probably the most useful rig for our students at Animation Apprentice is the horse, which is an excellent choice for quadruped locomotion, but there are many other free rigs which are very useful for learning different aspects of character and creature animation.

One of the most fun is the Star Wars droid, and also the stenopelmatus (a kind of bug). Finally, for avian locomotion, the woodpecker is one of the best free bird rigs available for learning to animate birds in flight.

Many thanks for Carlos Contreras at Motorman TD for the excellent rigs, made available for the Maya community for learning animation.

To find the rigs, follow this link.

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