Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Great Free Maya Rigs by Truong CG Artist

Chameleon by Truong 3D. Animation by Dave Novis
Here is a great 3D artist's website with some lovely rigs that we're recommending here at Animation Apprentice.

The author is a Vietnamese CG artist and short film maker, who has released a lot of rigs that are free for student use.

We're particularly enjoying seeing some very nice results from students using the chameleon and leopard rigs.

Check out the demo reel below of Dave Novis, who took the animation short course at Escape Studios and also had access to the Animation Apprentice tutorials online.

Dave's reel includes a very nice shot of the chameleon, and also two good shots using Truong's leopard.

To find these rigs, follow this link. You can also find Truong at Facebook.

Dave Novis is now working at Escape Studios as a Studio Assistant, helping to teach students animators. Studio Assistants at Escape almost invariably go on to successful careers in industry.

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