Friday, 24 June 2016

Meet Franklin!

We're excited to get to know Franklin, a new free character rig from Franklin is aimed at students learning animation and is offered for free download on a royalty-free license.

Franklin joins the growing ranks of free character Maya rigs available to students of animation.

To see a full list of rigs that we recommend here at Animation Apprentice, follow this link.

And to see what Franklin is capable of, watch the video below.

Artella | Free Character from Artella on Vimeo.

And to see a video walk-through of the rig, watch the video below:

Artella | Franklin video walkthrough from Artella on Vimeo.

Where is Franklin's eye direction control?
To find Franklin's eye direction control, click on the main head control, then in the Channel Box there is an option to turn on the eye direction controller. See image below.

Eye direction control on Franklin. Look under the head control, then search for Eye CNTRL On in the Channel Box. 

It's also worth checking out They describe themselves as a place to "partner with the world and bring animated projects to life", and as a "collaboration platform for making animated films, video games and virtual reality content."

So, a potential source of talent to put together a short film project. What a great idea!

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  1. Great rig! When I save and re-open tho, You cannot open Franklins eyes. Anyway to fix this?

    1. It sounds like the rig may have been broken. Try going back to an older version of your shot and see if that works

  2. Big problem with the legs. If I want to change directions of the rig, the legs break in the belt area! don't know what to do.. I aleardy did many shot and can'T start again with an other rig! :(

    1. I have same problem! Is there anyone know how to fix this problem?

  3. Can I use him in 2018 maya? The website says 2017, but I put him in 2018 and he seems fine. Is there a reason he shouldn't be in 2018?

  4. you should be able to use it in Maya 2018 but do test for possible bugs before committing to the shot.