Friday, 8 April 2016

Why Animators Should Go To FMX

FMX is coming! Germany's annual FMX festival is the place to be if you want to break into the visual effects industry.

It takes place in Stuttgart every year - this year from April 26 to 29. It's a big, bustling, crowded congress of students and professionals who work - or want to work - in the global visual effects industry, getting together for their annual festival. Everyone shows up - and there are lectures, screenings and panel talks on every imaginable aspect of the visual effects process.

For students, it costs €150 to get in to the whole event (€75 for the day), plus you will have travel and accommodation to deal with. But as a window into the VFX world - there is nothing like it. It is the biggest event in the Europe. Below is a teaser to get you into the mood.

And FMX not just about gawking and window-shopping. There is business to be done as well. Make sure you polish your animation demo reel and your online portfolio - all the big VFX houses will be there in force, competing to hire the best graduates and spot the new rising stars. It is a perfect opportunity to chat to recruiters and find out what they are looking for, what the latest trends are in the business; what skills are in short supply.

Polish your animal and creature work, and leave out the cartoony stuff. These recruiters are typically looking for animation with a photoreal level of polish, mostly for live action movies with a lot of animated content.

Stuttgart - plenty to see
Stuttgart is to VFX as Annecy is to Animation, and as Cannes is to film. It is, quite simply, the place to be.

And no, you don't have to speak German. Almost everything is conducted in English. And, nowadays, the Germans speak better English than we do.

You can see the FMX website here for more details of the event.


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