Sunday, 22 November 2015

Great Dane Dog Rig - Excellent for Quadruped Locomotion

This Great Dane dog rig, available for free download at Creative Crash, is one that we recommend for learning quadruped locomotion.

It's quite cartoony, and not ideal if you are aiming for the hyper-realistic visual effects end of the industry, but it's a good stable rig and well-suited to a broad cartoony style of animation.

It has straight forward, simple controls, and it has squash and stretch. The only drawback is its long tail - which means you will have to animate the overlapping action manually.

Who created the rig?
Javier Solsona. You can find his YouTube channel here.

What is the license?
Freeware. But it's best used for training and learning purposes.

Where can the rig be found?
Here, at Creative Crash. Note that this is the original version which does not have facial controls.

Where is the jaw control?
You can find the jaw control by turning on joints in the viewport - the jaw control then appears inside the mouth along with the tongue controls. But, you might want to download the version with the full facial rig instead (see below)
How can you animate the toes individually?
You can, you just need to select the proper controller. it's a cog shaped control just above each foot.

Does it have facial rigging?
Yes. You can download a version with a facial rig here.

There seems to be a problem with the toe roll.
To find the solution for this, visit this page at the 11 Second Club.

To see some of the cartoony animation done by his creator, watch this video below:

Most of all, have fun with this excellent rig!


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