Monday, 15 June 2015

Free Dragons! Introducing...the Shaththnan Rig!

Shaththan Rig. Here Be Dragons!
Here at Animation Apprentice we're always on the lookout for great creature rigs that are capable of producing a full range of facial expressions so that our students can study creature animation and get an excellent performance.  One rig that has been giving good results is the Shaththan Rig, created by the very talented Revanth Ravi, and now available - free for student use - at Creative Crash.

Where can I find the Shaththan Rig?
You can download the Shaththan Rig rig for free here at Creative Crash.

How does it work?
And to see how the rig works (always an essential first step) watch this video:

Does it have bugs?
Of course! All rigs have bugs. For example, don't add keyframes to the jaw control, as this will break the rig!  Instead, go to Display/Show All/ and this will reveal a facial control interface which allows you to keyframe the all the facial controls - including the jaw.

Can I use Shaththnan for commercial use?
Technically, yes. The license for Shaththnan is simply given as "freeware", so it's free to use for any purpose, including commercial use.  But, it's generally wise to check with its creator first before trying any kind of commercial application. We recommend using Shaththnan for training purposes, to create great creature animation for your demo reel.

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