Thursday, 2 April 2015

RealFlow Student Challenge - Worth S3,000

Time to enter the RealFlow "Deliciously Viscous" Student Film Challenge! At stake is $3,000 in prize money for the winning submission. RealFlow is one of the newest and most exciting software packages for creating realistic fluid motion in an animated environment, and $3,000 of prize money is a worthy prize pot. So, how does it all work?

What is this prize all about?
It's about using RealFlow 2014 to make a great films, plus any other software in your pipeline.

Do I need a RealFlow license?
Yes, but you don't need the pro version - the Learning Edition is allowed. Temporary Learning Edition licenses are available for students wishing to work from home.

Where can I find the full details?
Go to

Where can I get help?
For help with set-ups see the Getting Started Tutorials and Tips & Tricks. There are also RealFlow Facebook groups where you can ask fellow users to help you along the way.

Why should you enter?
To practice your skills, to experiment, to broaden your horizons and put your skills to the test.
You may also create showreel material, get used to deadline pressure, and win a first prize worth over $3000!

What is the deadline?
Friday 3rd July

What is the required video format?
Maximum length 30 seconds. Aspect ratio: 1080p. File format: Quicktime (H.264) or MP4

As always, here at Animation Apprentice we encourage all our students to enter competitions, learn new software, and generally master as many animation techniques as you can. Even if you don't win, you will likely produce work for your demo reel which is always a great asset, and learn new skills that could be vital for your next job.

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