Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Questions About Animation Apprentice!

Recently I got asked some new questions from a potential student at Animation Apprentice and I thought I would post them here at the blog for everyone to see.  Embarking on a new course of study can be a daunting business. What if it doesn't work? What if I don't like it? Here at Animation Apprentice we want our students to have the very best experience in education they have ever had. If we're not delivering that, we are not doing our job right.

How much time a week should I be studying if I have not background in animation?

The course is designed to be completed around other commitments. We suggest that students work at least one day on the weekend, and a few evenings, in order to do the work on time.  But, if for some reason you can't get the work done - it's OK. We would rather you take the time you need to get it right, than submit something you are not happy with. The beauty of online learning is that it is a flexible tool.

How much time is the class time every week?

It will take around 2 hours to watch the videos each week, and at least eight hours to do the exercise right. Again, we suggest you take the time you need to get it right.

What can I expect to spend my week like there? I'm nervous for an online program

The whole educational experience is completed online, which means that you study in your own time, when it suits you. We have a friendly Facebook forum where students post their work, ask questions, comment on each other’s work, and generally support one another. It is a very supportive environment.

Nano Films - live experience for our students on paid projects

Do you help with job placement? What's your success rate?

We do! I don’t have numbers on jobs, largely because we are still quite a new course, but you can see some of our success stories here:

We also have our own little film co-op here at where we make short films for commercial clients, giving our students paid experience on live briefs! As far as we know, no other online animation school does anything like this.

To sign up for our May 4th classroom at Animation Apprentice, follow this link. For more information on finding work and surviving in the animation and visual effects business, read our post on how to find a job in the animation industry, and check out our post about what not to do at a job interview. Also see our post on starting your own small animation business, learn how to create an invoice, and see how we are helping our students find work through our film co-operative Nano Films. Download the free Escape Studios Careers in VFX Handbook. Take a look at how can help you find a job, and read our piece abouthow to survive as a freelance animator. Also, find out what Cinesite look for in a student's demo reel, and read our post on setting up your own animation business. Also see our post about freelancers and taxes.

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