Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Secret of Animation

Norman gets animated - by Giovanni Braggio
Everyone knows that animation is easy - after all, the computer does all the work for you, right? Not like the old days, where you had to draw stuff - all those hand-drawn frames, at 24 frames a second! Now, you just tell the computer what to do, and it does it! Amazing. Below is a very short video by Giovanni Braggio, revealing the hidden secrets of computer animation.

Giovanni's video is very funny - and also very well animated. Behind the gag there is a serious point - animation takes time to learn, and time to create. One of the challenges of doing freelance work for clients is educating them in just how long this stuff actually takes, especially if you want to do it well.

animation tutorial part. 1 AKA "the secret of animation" from giovanni braggio on Vimeo.

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