Friday, 8 August 2014

From Pencils to Pixels - the History of Animation

From pencils to Pixels by Alan Yentob

From Pencils to Pixels - In this excellent 2003 documentary, Producer Alan Yentob tells the story of how animation went digital. It's very thoughtful hour-long introduction to the medium by one of the BBC's most experienced Producer-directors. If your knowledge of the History of Animation could use a little polishing, this is a great place to begin. Don't forget that most animation studios are well-staffed with enthusiasts who seem to know everything about animation - including what Walt had for breakfast. Knowing the history of the medium helps single you out as a fellow animation fan, someone who has a good bit of knowledge of how the industry came to be the way it is today. All of which will help you at your next job interview.

You can see the whole documentary, which focuses in particular on the transition from hand-drawn 2D animation to digital 3D work, here:

To test your knowledge by taking our Quiz on the History of Animation, follow this link. There are ninety-nine questions, starting with animation's earliest beginnings and going right up to the present day. Score yourself and see if you need to go back to school and learn the basics of animation history.


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