Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's The Point of Learning Perspective?

The No1 mistake
Traditional drawing skills still matter in animation. Even digital animators need to be able to draw thumbnail sketches, and express an expression or a pose simply and clearly. Complex character designs always start with simple shapes, often scribbled on a napkin in a moment of inspiration. Being able to sketch and draw is still one of the most powerful weapons in the animator's arsenal.

The ability to master the art of perspective, that most Renaissance of skills first developed in 15th Century Florence, is one of the more tricky parts of the designer's toolkit. Fail to learn perspective drawing and your designs will never speak with authority. Follow this link to a wonderful blog post that points to some of the most common errors in perspective drawing, and how to fix them.


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  1. It's often the skills you don't think you need that make you a much better artist.